Apple punished Facebook for violating policy?

Apple punished Facebook for violating policy?
Apple disables Facebook's Research app from its platform. The reason for this was a report. The report said that Facebook is using this app to take root access to users' phones. Not only this, Facebook is giving 20 dollars to users every month in return. Apple did not just ban this app, but the company also gave the Facebook enterprise certificate that the person did not give an application to the app without listing in the app store.

According to a report by TechCrunch, Apple blocked the controversial VPN app of Facebook. Apple has said in a statement, "We have designed our Enterprise Developer Program only for internal distribution of the app. Facebook was using this membership to distribute data collection app, which is not according to our commitment. Any developer uses to distribute his Enterprise Certificate Consumer, then we revoke his certificate. We have also done this in this matter so that users can protect the data.

According to the report, Facebook is using three beta testing services from 2016 - Applause, BetaBound and uTest. It was used to take full access to smartphones of 13 to 35 years of age, and used to pay money to Facebook users. Although Facebook announced that it is withdrawing this app from the App Store.

Facebook has said in a statement, "This app was not spying on all those who had participated in this partnership. The registration process was allowed by the users and they were paid for it.

Even before Facebook, Apple banned this VPN app from Facebook from the Play Store and rewoked enterprise certificates. According to a recent report, Apple's move has severely affected Facebook's internal communication system. That is, Facebook employees are not able to use internal software on their iPhone, in which they have features to track their lunch menu and shuttle. Not being told that work schedules and other important information are not able to be accessed too.

Apple's move has also affected Facebook's internal testing versions. These include Instagram and Whatsapp. Companies do beta testing before publishing any features for iOS.

Apple and Facebook have often used to pull each other up on the public platform. Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook criticized the way Mark Zuckerberg's approach was about privacy. After this, Zuckerberg also responded and said that he was stupid.

Now you can understand it too. The violation of Apple's policy is punished by Facebook.