Why is not Modi vs all the 2019 Lok Sabha elections? Learn complete political math

copyrightWhy is not Modi vs all the 2019 Lok Sabha elections? Learn complete political math
In the Brigade Parade Ground in Kolkata, Chief Minister Narendra Modi said that the grand alliance of the Opposition is not against Modi but against the people of the country, while criticizing the power of the Opposition led by Trinamool Congress chief and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. is In fact, since the initiatives of the Maha coalition started against the Modi government, since then, in various forums and media discussions by BJP leaders, it is being said that all the parties have become one to defeat Prime Minister Modi. BJP is promoting the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections by calling it "Modi vs All".

But the first question is, what is the truth in this picture of "Modi vs All"? Will the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections in the country be based on "Modi vs All"? Saturday's picture of the Opposition's Maharalei in Kolkata has once again strengthened this idea. But this story can be seen hidden from two facts. First, the elections in the parliamentary system at the national level are the result of the contest being fought at the state level. Secondly, the alliance in the states has got the same benefit as BJP, as opposed to its opposition parties.

Remember, during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, all small regional parties were ready to combine with the BJP ahead of Modi-Shah's social engineering formula. It has benefited from the BJP at the local level and with the vast majority in the BJP, the BJP government is formed. But in the political board of 2019, look at the situation of various states from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, the reality behind "Modi vs All" is clear.

Uttar Pradesh -80 seats

In the last general elections in Uttar Pradesh, the largest constituency in the country, the alliance between the BJP, its party and the Om Prakash Rajbhar Party was in the alliance. In view of the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, both of these parties have stood with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in UP. On the other hand, there is a coalition of SP-BSP-RLD. While Congress is contesting elections alone. In such a situation, two types of coalitions in UP are face-to-face and if there is only one player, then it is Congress and not BJP.

Bihar-40 seats

If you look at the political reality of the second largest state of Bihar, it has announced an alliance with BJP, Nitish Kumar's JDU and Ram Vilas Paswan's LJP in the coming elections. Not only this, the BJP has given 17 seats to the JDU of two MPs here. In front of the NDA alliance, the Congress, Lalu Yadav's RJD, Jitan Ram Manjhi's Hindustan Awam Morcha, Sharad Yadav's democratic Janata Dal and Left parties are alliance. Therefore, the election is not meant to be Modi vs all but coalition vs coalition.

Maharashtra-48 seats

In Maharashtra, there is a fight between the already-formed coalition parties in the forthcoming elections as in 2014. While there is a BJP-Shiv Sena, Congress-NCP on the other hand. Although Shiv Sena is an attacker for BJP and Prime Minister Modi over the past few days, but both parties can retain the coalition to prevent the Congress-NCP.

West Bengal-42 seats

If the Prime Minister Modi alone is standing in a big state in terms of seats in the country, then it is West Bengal. But there will be Modi vs Mamta without Modi vs all. The state unit of the Congress, which fought with the Left in the assembly elections here, is yet to decide whether they should go with TMC or fight with the Left parties.

Tamilnadu -39 seats

In Tamil Nadu, the ruling AIADMK center is considered to be a collaborator of the Modi government and it is expected that the film will contest elections in the alliance with the new party of Rajinikanth. Although AIADMK had recently opposed the Modi government on the issue of three divorced bills. On the other hand, DMK Congress is a coalition of Left parties and it is believed that the new party of movie star Kamal Haasan will also be included in this alliance. In Tamil Nadu, in this situation, it is expected that the combine vs alliance or coalition vs. AIADMK vs. BJP is not in Modi and not Modi.

Kerala-20 seats

On the one side, Left is an alliance of LDF and on the other hand the UDF is headed by the Congress, while the third angle is BJP's coalition. And these three are fighting against each other. So even Modi is not all there.

Karnataka-29 seats

Karnataka is the only state in the country where it can be said that the fight there is a Modi versus alliance. Here, the government and the JDS, which fought alone in the assembly elections, are running together to stop the BJP. It is believed that both parties will fight the Lok Sabha elections.

NE-25 seats

Talk about the eight states of the North-East, where even the BJP or its allies regional parties are in power. In terms of seats, the largest state in the Northeast is in the middle of an alliance between BJP-Bodo People's Front in Assam versus Assam Gana Parishad versus Congress vs Badruuddin Ajmal's All India Democratic Front. The Asom Gana Parishad has been a partner of BJP earlier, but withdrew support to the Citizenship Amendment Bill. While Badruddin Ajmal has talked of coalition with Congress. The BJP's ally, the National People's Party, which is running a joint government in Meghalaya and Manipur, has decided to contest the elections alone. The BJP's fight in other states of the northeast is either from the Congress or from the regional parties. That's why Modi's position is not being made here too.


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