American rock band RIM Slam Donald Trump for using his song

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Los Angeles: American rock band R.E.M. (R.E.M) has tricked the band's superhit song 'Everybody Hearts' to back the video clips from the American President Donald Trump by addressing him (Trump's) 'State of the Union'. According to CNN, the video shows that Democrats are not very happy with the speeches. The video has been made by Trump supporter Mister Carpe Doncum. It has become a new cause of controversy between politicians and rock stars.
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American rock band R.E.M. (R.E.M) bastist Mike Mills on Saturday rapped Carpe Doctem and Donald Trump. He urged the head of Twitter, Jack Dorsi, "The measures have been taken to stop this. Jack, you need to take action in this regard."

The clip has been removed from the account of American President Donald Trump, but it can still be found in more places