Jio GigaFiber Comes to Contend BSNL's India Fiber

Jio GigaFiber Comes to Contend BSNL India Fiber
BSNL is preparing to compete with Reliance Jio. This time, not with the mobile plan, but from the High Speed ​​Internet Plan. BSNL had said a long time ago that the company will give a tariff rate tariff to jio and after that several plans of Jio collision were also launched.

Now BSNL has launched the High Speed ​​Broadband Service India Fiber to compete with JioGigafiber and Airtel V-Fiber.

BSNL official Vivek Banjal said, "We realized that now the customers are demanding super fast internet and now they have more electronic gadgets and entertainment tools than ever before. Therefore our FTTH (Fiber to the Home Technology) has been upgraded. We are launching India Fiber. It is Affordable and also fulfills the High Data Demand of Customers'

Customers will get high speed data and WiFi connectivity through India Fiber According to the company, this server will get data of up to 35GB per day and its price will be Rs 1.1 per GB. Booking for this has started on the BSNL Portal.

Talking about the plan, 40GB data will be available at Rs 2,499 every day and the speed will be 100Mbps. With it, unlimited voice calling and free email id access will be available. Apart from this, there are also plans for Rs 777, Rs 1,277 and Rs 3,999.

Under BSNL's India Fiber, customers will get speed ranging from 256Kbps to 100Mbps. It will also be accompanied by an IPTV and voice telephony service. According to the company, this service is the best solution for Internet based services such as IP Leased Line, Internet, Closed User Group, VoIP, Video Conferencing and Video Calls.
To install India fiber, a modem will be installed at the users' home, which is called Home Optical Network Termination (HONT). It will have 4 Ethernet ports and support all 100Mbps speed.

There will also be 2 normal telephone ports in this device. Every 100Mbps port will get service like broadband, IP TV, IP video call and leased line. That is, any of these service customers would like to take. BSNL is also giving power back unit with HONT. Under this, it will back up 4 hours with full load, while in normal use, it can back up three days.

BSNL has not kept an activation charge or installation charge for this service. As a security deposit, the customers will have to pay 500 rupees. This deposit is for optical network terminal (ONT) which you will get 500 rupees from returning to current condition. It can also be taken on rent. For this, it will be Rs. 90 for every month, Rs. 1080 for one year.

This charge is only for ONT. If you take the ADSL WiFi modem with ONT, it will have to give 200 rupees a month. The DSL broadband plan above Rs 375 will be valid for India fiber. It will sell to the customers via company direct or franchisee.