Kashmiri students support Pulwama attack; college suspends

Pulwama attack

Pulwama attack

Mohammed Siddha, who has made anti-national remarks, has been suspended by IIMT College of Greater Noida. The college has also written a letter to SSP Noida requesting strict action in the matter. Let me tell you that on Saturday it was reported in the college administration that the student has commented on anti-national remarks regarding Kashmir from his Twitter account.

It is alleged that the student justified the attack on the soldiers in Pulwama in their tweets. The tweet was viral when the college interrogated the student, so he denied it. According to him, he has not made any such tweets.

He says his account has been hacked. This is a conspiracy to defame him. The college also constituted a five-member Proctorial Inquiry Board to investigate the matter.

At the same time, the college administration had said that the account is not of its students. According to the college, the name of our student is Asafaq Mohammed Searza. The student's name is wrong, yet when we talked to him, he said that his ID has been hacked. The photo is definitely his name but the name is not his name, nor has he posted such a post.

Pulwama attack
Pulwama attack

Student gave cleanliness

While there, the student wrote a post on Facebook giving a clean sweep on this whole issue. According to him, he has not passed any such anti-national comment. According to the college administration, Asafaq Mohammed Siddha MA is a student of Final Year and is a resident of Jammu Kashmir.

The college administration said that whatever happened in the Pulwama is very sad and we people condemn hard words. In this sad hour, the whole college is with the families of the soldiers.