Like two general secretaries, two Congressmen in UP will be?

Like two general secretaries, two Congressmen in UP will be?
Congress's newly-appointed general secretary Priyanka Gandhi has returned from a foreign tour. Prior to the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, he has been given the command of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. In eastern Uttar Pradesh, there is a parliamentary constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while the same area of ​​Gorakhpur is also the seat of chief minister Yogi Adityanath. In such a scenario, Congress President Rahul Gandhi surprised everyone by appointing two in-charge general secretaries in the province. This happened for the first time when Congress made two in-charge general secretaries in one state. Therefore, after the decision of the Congress president, such discussions are on the horizon that two party presidents can be made in the state.

Assuming Congress sources, it is probable that there can be two full time party presidents in the state. A Congress leader said in a conversation with 'Aaj Tak' on condition of anonymity that according to the party's rules and tradition, there is a state president on a general secretary. Therefore, appointment of two full time presidents for East and West Uttar Pradesh is also possible and logical. The party's present state president Rajbabbar has not been coming to the party office for the last few days and his visit is being considered almost certain.

Congress leader said that in order to strengthen Priyanka Gandhi's hand, any Brahmin can be made president in eastern Uttar Pradesh. He told that the name of former union minister Jitin Prasad is leading in this race. For the past several days, the name of Lalitash Patri Tripathi, the great grand mother of former Varanasi MP Rajesh Mishra and former UP Chief Minister Pt Kamlapati Tripathi, is also in the discussion. Lalit is currently a member of the AICC and Congress manifesto committee.

Significantly, Congress President Rahul Gandhi had kept his sister Priyanka Gandhi's entry in politics completely secret. Prior to his Dubai tour, he also met former UP incharge General Secretary Ghulam Nabi Azad and state president Rajbbbar. The two leaders had suggested Congress President Rahul Gandhi several major programs in the month of February, apprising the Congress President about the political equation instead of the Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party coalition. Which the Congress President had also given his approval. In preparation for this, the Congress party had booked the Ramabai ground in Lucknow, which had a big assembly plan in February.

Although Rahul Gandhi had indicated in Dubai on January 12 that the 440 volts would be going to start, but he did not say anything openly. The Congress leader said that after the Congress's Jan Aakankhara rally in Bihar, the state unit is under pressure to make even greater gathering. But after the new reshuffle in the party, the format of this public meeting has not yet been clarified by the high command.

Uttar Pradesh has 18 divisions from the administrative perspective In this way, Eastern and Western UP has been divided into 9-9 mandals. In this regard, 42 seats of Lok Sabha in East UP and 38 seats in western UP are included. After the appointment of two full-time chairmen for these two parts of the province, 130- The appointment of district and city presidents, which is pending since June last year.