Pakistani pilgrims can not get scratches of India, this is the reason

India, Pakistan,
India, Pakistan, 
The Ministry of External Affairs informed on Wednesday that a MiG-21 plane was dropped and a pilot was missing. Although Pakistan claims that the Indian Air Force has two pilots in its possession which were caught in its territory. Between the growing tension between the nuclear-powered two countries, many people from Pakistan have urged their government to treat them with dignity with the Indian pilot.

Tensions between india-pakistan, Air Force invited two shooters to work

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's niece Fatima Bhutto, while praying on Twitter, said that the pilot should be respected.

He wrote on Twitter, "I pray that this decency remains and proud to see that it was openly and without any fear, we do not want war, emphasis on dignity, complacency and peace for all men. Please. "

Journalist Mansur Ali Khan said, "The honorable pilot of the Indian Air Force, which is caught, is given the honor which a serving officer deserves." We are a nation that respects the braves. "

Some other Pakistani citizens have also urged Indian pilots to come up with dignity.

Explain that Major General Retired KK Sinha said that Pakistan must release our pilot under the Geneva War Cemetery Act.

Speaking to News 18 Hindi, Maj Gen KK Sinha said that "Lt Nachiketa of Flight Flight during Pakistan's Kargil war is a great example of coming to Pakistan and catching them by the Pak army and then returning them right."

Sinha said, "If anything happens to our pilot, it will be a violation of the Geneva Act and it will be a criminal case at the international level." After 7 days, Pakistan returned Nachiketa to us rightly. The violation of the Varna Geneva Act will be very heavy to Pakistan. Secondly, the medical facility also gets that pilot in the same way as the duties of his country. "