Police arrested the traitors of the country, were celebrating after the attack.

Pulwama attack
Pulwama attack
On the other side, on the one hand, the fame of the countrymen is also proud of the nation's sannyasan on the other side, on the other side, on the other side, the martyrdom of our 40 soldiers in Pulwama is on the other side. The whole country is sure that our brave act of terrorists and their helpers will answer a retort. On Saturday, in many parts of the country, the common people came on the streets and gave their voices to this confidence. There are many who justified the Pulwama attack in the social media. The police took action against such people in different parts of the country on Sunday.

Start from Uttarakhand. After the Pulwama attack, two private colleges of Dehradun have summoned their two students suspending the question about mischief on anti-national remarks on their Facebook page. First name of the student is cashier Rashid, he is a student of Sridev Suman Suharti Medical College. At the same time, the other student's name is Rabia Akhtar. He is a resident of Sopore, Kashmir and studies at Alpine College of Management and Technology.

Apart from this, the case has been registered by arrested Kashmiri youth Tahsin Gul, who was studying in a private university located in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. It is alleged that the student commented on the social media against the country, after which there was a tension in the institute. Dean of the university wrote a letter to the Baddi police in the case and, after complaining, he dismissed the young man and handed him over to the police. During a demonstration on Delhi's Jantar Mantar, people beat up a 28-year-old Kashmiri for allegedly slamming "anti-India" slogans. The person was later taken into custody. The person has been identified as Abid Hussain who came from Kashmir on Saturday.

A case of treason against them has been registered against the four Kashmiri girl students of a private university situated in Jaipur village of Jaipur village, viral on the VATsup of the message of a terrorist attack in Pulwama. Student Tarveen Manjor, Zohra Nazir, Ikra and Ujma Nazir were immediately suspended from colleges and hostels.

District Shekhar, a teacher of Belgaavi, in Belgaum, Karnataka, was arrested on Saturday night when he wrote on the social media about the victory of Pakistan. Police said that Belgaavi resident teacher, District B, was produced in a local court on Sunday, which was sent to judicial custody from there.

A case has been registered for allegedly slapping Hindustan Muradabad-Pakistan Zindabad sloganeering by a minor Muslim teenager in Anta village in the sub-district village of Safding of Jind district of Haryana. The accused was also making video on his grocery store and later he was viral on social media. The police is investigating the case.