Samsung launches Galaxy Fold with the launch screen

Samsung launches Galaxy Fold with the launch screen
Galaxy Fold 
During the UNPACKED 2019 event organized in San Francisco, USA, Samsung has launched its flagship smartphones.

First of all, the company has introduced Galaxy Fold with a turning screen. Launch event started with Galaxy Fold. Its discussion has been going on for a long time. At the same time there was a lot of applause in the event.

Its price is $ 1980. In India, its price will be around 1 lakh 40 thousand rupees. Its sale will start from April. This smartphone comes with 5G connectivity.

Its display is 4.6 inches by shutting down the Galaxy Fold, opening it up to 7.3 inches, that means it will work both smartphones and tablets. The company has said that it has been hijacked and it does not matter if you open it too many times. You do not see this hinge

Four color variants of Galaxy Fold are launched. You can customize its hinge colors. According to the company, this is a luxury device.

It has an Infinity Flex display and AKG audio is provided for better sound quality. In this smartphone, you can do multi-tasking simultaneously, not two but three apps simultaneously. That is, you can use all three apps at once. You can use YouTube videos, messages, and maps simultaneously. Both of the display in this smartphone work simultaneously.

Along with this, the company has teamed up with Google and other developers to have special app customization so that these apps can be used appropriately.

This smartphone has a 7nm processor and has 12GB of RAM. Shaomi has given a smartphone with 12GB of RAM a day earlier. The Galaxy Fold will be able to read data with twice the speed compared to the other smartphones.

This smartphone has two batteries and it is connected together so that battery backup is good.

Talk about the Galaxy Fold camera, it has a total of 6 cameras. From every angle, you will be able to photographer through this phone. The company has shown a demo video.