To become Captain Marvel, this actress will be watching for a year, Lee will be watching the video

copyrightTo become Captain Marvel, this actress will be watching for a year, Lee will be watching the video
Captain Marvel
In Marvel Studios' next film 'Captain Marvel', Hollywood actress Brie Larson will be seen in the role of Carol Denver, aka Captain Marvel, and like in Hollywood, it often happens that any character enters. For the actor, hard work harder. Marvel's most powerful superhero Captain Marvel is one of the most anticipated films of 2019, and there is much hope too. The film, based on the 1990s, 'Captain Marvel' will show the full story of being the most powerful superhero of Carol Denver. Interestingly, seeing the fact that Bri Larson is working hard, Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan will miss the sweat of veterans like this.


For 'Captain Marvel', Hollywood actress Brie Larson has sweated heavily. Brie Larus has taken training for the film for more than a year. Brie Larson is getting viral videos of heavy workouts, including pull-ups, weight pushups and truck pulling.

Brie Larson has created masels for this character and created a fabulous body. Brie Larson has revealed in an interview that during the training, he used to kill 100 kilo deadlifts and used 200 kilograms of hip thrust.

He said that not only has he changed physically, but he has also gained strength in the mental form.

Regarding his role of Captain Marvel, Brie Larson said, "Captain Marvel's specialty is his strength. I knew, if I had to play this role, then I would have to be like him. "

Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel will be released on March 8. 'Captain Marvel' will be released in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.


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