80% bombs targeted at Balakot air strikes, Air Force submits evidence to government

80% bombs targeted at Balakot air strikes, Air Force submits evidence to government
Balakot air strikes
A major update came on the air strikes that had been launched in Pakistan to destroy Jaish-e-Mohammed's terror bases. According to sources, the Air Force has handed over all the documents related to the air strikes to the Central Government on Wednesday. These evidence includes photographs of air strikes. At the same time, it has been told how much of their targets are correct.

Sources say Air Force has submitted a report of 12 pages to the government. In this, the Air Force has shared high resolution photos of that area of ​​Balakot. However, the Modi government will decide whether these reports will be public or not.

According to the Air Force report, 80 percent of their targets in Balakot are right. The bombs that have been bombed have gone directly into the buildings there, which is why the catastroph that has happened has happened inside.

Assuming the report, the missiles used have pierced the ceiling directly and blamed on their targets. According to this report of the Air Force, at the time when these aircrafts were carried out in Balakot, they destroyed all the targets present there.

26 was on the morning of the airstreck

Let us tell you that on February 14, Jaish had carried out a terrorist attack in Pulwama, against whom the Indian Air Force broke into Jaish's bases by entering into Pakistan. The army used the Mirage-2000 in the airstroke and destroyed the Jaish's hideouts. Pakistan was consistently claiming that there was no harm to them, only some trees fell.

Air Force gave answer

It was talked of putting evidence behind the air strikes made on 26th February. In his official statement, the Air Force had said that his mission was completely successful, in such a way, the decision to put the evidence forward is to the government. Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa, the Chief of the Air Force, had said that if there is no loss of Pakistan then why their air force came to our area and why there is such a stir there.

Political rhetoric continues

Many opposition leaders have demanded that the central government should put forward the evidence of the air strikes made in Pakistan. Apart from Digvijay Singh, Manish Tewari from Congress, BJP's ally Shiv Sena in the NDA had also talked about putting the airstrick's truth in front of the public. However, both the government and the BJP have been told that the opposition parties are working to demoralize the army.