After the Ethiopia incident, India also stopped the flight of Boeing 737 Max aircraft

After the Ethiopia incident
After the Ethiopia incident
DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) has banned Indian airline companies with immediate effect on the use of Boeing 737 Max8 aircraft. DGCA tweeted on Tuesday late evening and said, "These planes will be out of service until the measures are taken for necessary changes and security". DGCA further wrote, "The security of passengers is always our priority. In this episode, we are in touch with aircraft manufacturers and operators all over the world to protect the passengers. " Tell you that Ethiopian Airlines's Boeing 737 Max8 aircraft had crashed near Addis Ababa of Ethiopia on Sunday, in which 157 people including four Indians were killed.

After the Ethiopian air crash, there has been a stir about 'Boeing 737 Max' aircraft all over the world and different types of action has been taken in this regard in different countries. Various countries, including Britain, France, Germany, Australia, have banned 'Boeing 737 Max' aircraft in their airspace on Tuesday. On the other hand, US regulators may have ordered Boeing to make immediate improvements in the model, but countries like Britain, France, Germany, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Ireland, Iceland and Oman have operating all 737 Max aircraft in their own airspace. But temporarily stopped. Earlier, China and Indonesia had also banned these aircraft on Monday. Let us tell you that in the last five months, the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft has suffered a second time accident. In October last year, a plane of a lion airline crashed in Indonesia, in which over 180 people died.