Despite lakhs of attempts to stop the administration, lots of 'beat Sahib' shoes were thrashed

copyrightDespite lakhs of attempts to stop the administration, lots of 'beat Sahib' shoes were thrashed
Shahjahanpur: The administration tried a million, but the 'lot saheb' shoes did not escape from eating. Lot Saheb's proceedings came out of full 'Shaanoshokt', the police also made sureful arrangements for his security, but he did not accept the litter sackers. He slew lot sahabs and slew them with a broom. Traditional procession of Lot Sahib on Holi came out in Shahjahanpur and the administration was hand in hand after the Hurrias.

The surgeon of Lahat, who came out of Holi in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, was quietly finished but despite the lax efforts of the administration, 'Lot Sahib' could not be stopped by shoeing. The procession came after Chowk Kotwali, after taking the statue of Lot Sahib in Phulmati temple located in Chowk area of ​​the city. There Kotwal gave a salute to the laat sahab and rewarded.

This is an interesting tradition played against the British rule in Shahjahanpur. During the British rule, the Governor General was called 'Lot Sahib'. In Shahjahanpur this procession is celebrated every year on the Holi festival as a symbol of resentment against the oppression of British rulers.

In a procession today in Shahjahanpur, a person was made a sitar on a bullock cart by making a lot in the symbol and wearing helmets on his head so that he could not hurt. Apart from this, they were being flown by the broom. During the procession, Hurriyas laughed out loud and said, 'Sir, hurry to boot them.'

This time the administration had made a fairly tight arrangement so that there would not be any organisms. That's why the lath saheb was also banned from wearing shoes, but even after the administration's efforts, Hurriyas continued to beat the laughing officer. This procession reached the bell-head on various routes after the city and roamed from there and reached again in the Chowk area.

DM Amrit Tripathi of Shahjahanpur told that four drone cameras were installed for monitoring the procession, while the march of Lata Sahab's procession with over 200 CCTV cameras was monitored on the entire road. Superintendent of Police S. Chanappa told that two companies of RAF and two companies of PAC force were deployed to maintain law and order during the procession.

The person who made the leader in this procession was brought from Ghaziabad this time. The person who created the Lot Sahib is kept in the secret place by bringing Holi 15 days prior to Holi. According to the tradition, organizers of the procession give clothes to the entire family of that person and a considerable amount of money is also given.


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