Dhanbad and Ranchi 4G availability number-1, who is behind?

Almost all Indian telecom companies have launched 4G networks. Since Reliance Jio, there has been an increase in 4G users too. As soon as Reliance Jio launched in 2016, other companies also launched 4G. This question always remains where the highest availability of 4G is available.

According to a research, Dhanbad is at number -1 on the 4G chart available. This list belongs to 50 cities. The 4G coverage here is 95.3%. Let us know that availability of 4G in any city in India is not so much. Jharkhand's capital is Ranchi, where the 4G connectivity is 95%.

The UK's wireless coverage, the McCain company Open Signal, has published a report in which about 4G availability in 50 locations in India.

Srinagar is the third number in this list of open signals, availability of 4G here is 94.9%. Chhattisgarh's capital Raipur is at number four, where availability of 4G is 87%. The lowest 4G availability is in Vasai Virar of Mumbai, where only 87% is available. The availability of 4G in all other cities of India is more than 87%.


According to the report of the open signal, Bihar's capital Patna was the city with the highest 4G availability in the country last year and now it has increased by 2%.

93.3% in Kolkata, 92.3% in Bangalore and 91.1% in Chennai is available for 4G. Talk about Delhi's national capital Delhi's 898% 4G connectivity here.

The Open Signal has said, "When we say that an operator has a score of 4G availability of 95%, this means that our LTE users are connected to 95% of the time 4G service on that network. The availability of 4G indicates that when users use LTE, instead of where they are using 4G.