EXCLUSIVE: Founder Brian Bole - the identity of the lost WhatsApp

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Whatsapp is the world's most widely used instant messaging app. It was made by Brian Acton and Jane together We have talked with billionaire Brian Acton. Currently Atikan Signal Foundation is the Chairman and CEO.

Brian Acton and Jane sold WhatsApp in the hands of Facebook. Facebook acquired its acquisition on 14 February 2014 and for this the company spent $ 19 billion. These two founders also became part of Facebook and kept on leading the Whatsapp app. However in 2017, Brian left WhatsApp.

Currently, Brian Signal is the Chairman and CEO of the Foundation, which he started in 2018. Earlier Brian had worked in Yahoo and Apple too. Signal Foundation works on data security.

Brian Acton has said in a talk to Tech today, "I think WhatsApp has lost its identity because now both of the WhatsApp founders have left the company."

On the question of selling Whatsapp app to Facebook, Brian has spoken in public many times and he has also said that then there was a shortage of experi- ence. Brian is against Facebook's policy and recently he asks people to delete Facebook. They do not like the new model of Whatsapp, and believe Facebook has hid off WhatsAppAs by sharing ads and data.

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Mercury will be given the cross platform messaging feature by merging Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram. We also asked Brian about this, he says that it is difficult to succeed.

Brian Acton has told Tech today, "Now the Facebook product is trying to merge the Experience." It's a tough job and it's not easy to succeed.

Brian had already wanted to make WhatsApp Apps so that users should not compromise with data. But due to Facebook, this is not possible. Both founders of Facebook and WhatsApp were having a problem, because Facebook said at the time of the acquisition that the Whatsapp would be seperate. But later founders of WhatsAppAs felt that Facebook is interfering in the work of Whatsapp.

Significantly, Brian Acton and Jane Kum were working in Yahoo He left Yahoo in 2007 and took a break from work for some time. After some time both of them applied for a job in Facebook, but they were rejected. In 2009 both of them made WhatsAppSpace and in 2014, Facebook bought WhatsAppAs for $ 19 billion (about 13 trillion rupees).

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