Hangzhou Asian Games - 2022 can be back to cricket

Hangzhou Asian Games - 2022 can be back to cricket
Hangzhou Asian Games - 2022 
Cricket has been included in the Hangzhou Asian Games 2022 Sports Program, which can return to this continental sports of the game. This information was given in media reports on Sunday. According to the website 'InsideGames.biz', the decision was made during the General Assembly of the Asian Olympic Council (OCA).

Cricket got place in the 2010 and 2014 Asian Games, but it was removed from the Games in Indonesia in 2018. There is full probability that if cricket gets place in place, then in 2010, like Twenty20 in Guangzhou and 2014 in Inchioon Games, the T20 format will also be included.

India had earlier been out of this continental competition by referring to the busy schedule of the team. There is still a lot of time in organizing the next tournament of Asian Games and in such a way, the BCCI will get enough time to discuss the representation of the Indian team.

A BCCI official told PTI, "There is still a lot of time for the 2022 Asian Games. We will discuss and decide when the time comes. "It is expected to place cricket in 2022 games, as OCA's Honorary Vice President Randhir Singh visited Hangzhou last month to choose the suitable site.

Sri Lanka and Pakistan won gold medals in men and women respectively in 2014, whereas in 2010, Bangladesh and Pakistan had beaten. Cricket was also included in the Commonwealth Games 1998 and India also sent its team. Then the South African team led by Shaun Pollock won the gold medal by defeating the Australian team captain Steve Waugh.

According to other important decisions in the General Meeting of the OCA on Sunday, it was announced that Oceania countries including Australia will be invited to participate in 2022 Asian Games. Although this decision will be made later, how many Oceania players will be allowed to take part in Hangzhou.