In these cities of India, PUBG can be played on prison

In these cities of India, PUBG can be played on prison
Popular online mobile game 'Player Unknows Bettlegrounds' or PUBG is becoming increasingly popular in short, and now it has begun to be banned. Recently, this multiplayer mobile game has completed one year and legal steps have been taken in many cities on demand related to banning it in India. It was first banned on behalf of Rajkot Police and after this many cities have taken similar steps. Rajkot Police Commissioner Manoj Agarwal says that this ban has been imposed from March 9 and is currently for the 30th of March.

The PUBG mobile game has been banned in some areas of Bhavnagar and Fall Somnath while saying 'Impact' and dangerous for children. The District Magistrates of both the districts have issued orders in this regard. During this ban, any user playing PUBG will be able to complain in the police and after being found guilty in the investigation, he can be sent to jail under Section 188 of the IPC. Explain, Section 188 applies when someone violates the instructions issued by the legal entity. However, in the beginning it will be flexible with some conditions.

Let me tell you, something similar was done on the Momo Challenge in the past, which inspired people to complete the series of dangerous Challenges. However, the policemen are excluded from this ban because they may need to play games or open during the investigation. It has been added to this ban that violence in the game has been promoted and it has a bad effect on players. The complaints of children are particularly impressed with the game and change in their behavior. Circular states that after a period of time, there is a negative change in player behavior.

After the ban, the reaction of fans and players on Twitter and social media also came out, most of whom have opposed this ban. There is currently no response from PUBG regarding this. Please tell, those who download PUBG should not be under 16 years of age, this is clearly stated in the game description. In spite of this, reaching mobile at the hands of young people in the hands of the children appeared to be playing their games and becoming more violent, increasing the demand for banning it.