IPl 2019: umpire again made a mistake, Ashwin had to bowl over 7 ball over

copyrightIPl 2019: umpire again made a mistake, Ashwin had to bowl over 7 ball over
The no-ball controversy in the IPL 2019 was not there anymore that another controversy has surfaced. Due to the umpire's mistake in the match against Mumbai Indians in Mohali on Saturday, Kings XI Punjab captain R. Ashwin had to bowl 7 balls in his over.

In fact, Kings XI Punjab won the toss and decided to bowl first, after which Ravichandran Ashwin bowled the first over. Due to not paying attention to the umpire in this over, he had to bowl 7 balls. On his 7th ball, De Kock took the chances to reach the team score of 7 runs.
Such elapsed whole over ...

First ball - Ashwin bowled the first ball. Opposing the Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma did not take any run on this ball.

The second ball - Rohit, on the second ball of Ashwin, stole a run by taking a shot in the cover. After this, leaving the batting, Quinton de Kock reached.

The third ball - Ashwin bowled the third ball and the ball was dropped without any runs.

The fourth ball - on Deccan's fourth ball on Ashwin, changed the angle with a single. With this, Mumbai scored two runs.

5th ball - Rohit Sharma played Ashwin 5th ball. No run scored on this ball.

Sixth ball - Ashwin bowled the sixth ball of the over and Rohit Sharma put the ball on the ball and pulled the single.

After this ball the over had to be over but due to the umpire's fault, Ashwin had to put another ball, on which Dyouk chawed it. Thus, Ashwin bowled over 7 balls.

Earlier in the match between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore, umpire Sundaram Ravi had made a mistake, after which he was severely criticized. Bangalore captain Virat Kohli had gone to his room and told them the loot.

In fact, in this match, Bengaluru needed 7 runs to win the last ball and the bowler was Lasith Malinga. Malinga bowled the last ball, Shivam Dubey played a shot on long-on but none of the batsmen ran for runs. Here, ball ball was not given due to the ignorance of the umpire and the victory of Mumbai was announced.

After this incident, once again the umpire's mistake forced the bowler to bowl 7 balls in an over.


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