Kesari: These are the 4 things shown in Akshay's movie!

copyrightKesari: These are the 4 things shown in Akshay's movie!
Bollywood star Akshay Kumar's film Kesari is performing well at the box office. The film has opened an account with earnings of Rs 21 crore on the very first day and is still galloping at the box office. As far as the story is based on the true story of the film, experts say that this story of war has been made to film or fictional to a great extent by 10 thousand raiders of 21 Sikh soldiers. There are many loop houses in the story of this battle that lasted 6-7 hours of 10 soldiers of the 36 Sikh Regiment of the British Indian Army.

Ishar Singh did not go alone:

Captain Jay Singh Sohal, who has done tremendous research on Saragarhi, says that Hav has never been sent to Ishar Singh alone at the place as shown in the film. Let me tell you that Akshay Kumar has played the role of Havarar Ishar Singh in the film Kesari. Sohal said, "The entire 36 Sikh Regiment was ordered to go to the Northwest Front in 1895. They were asked to stay in Peshawar till December 1896. Ehsar Singh went there with his whole team and not They walked there alone.

Kesari was not the color of the turban:

According to the experts, Akshay Kumar who is worn in the Kesari rang turban is not exactly Kesari. Sohal said that the turban also used to be khaki-like like the rest of the dress. Not only that, he told that there was no scope for wearing kesari turban, but Kesari is the color of Khalsa.

Dialogues and conversations are also fake:

According to the information, on the Saragarhi post, before the war, the mosque for the locals and the interaction with the attackers in the middle of the war is a mere copy of imagination. Sohal said that the jawans did not have enough time to go to make mosques, they were given many other responsibilities which they had to fulfill.

Was not allowed to interact with the Pathans:

As mentioned in the story, Akshay Kumar and other soldiers are often seen talking to Pathan. Experts believe that the jawans were not allowed to interact with the Pathans. The instructions they were given were very strict and they had to follow those instructions.


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