Learn- What is 'Localization'? Earn millions by creating a career in which

copyrightLearn- What is 'Localization'? Earn millions by creating a career in which
Due to the spread of the Internet today, all major companies including Google, Amazon and Netflix are expanding rapidly at the global level. In this case, there is an emerging area for the youth in terms of employment 'localization'. Simply put, localization is the area whereby large companies are making their content available in local languages ​​to establish contact with foreign markets and establish themselves in markets.

For this, these companies need language experts. Not only this, in this era of globalization, you can also work in other countries by learning the language of another country or you can go abroad by being proficient in Indian languages. However, most companies are doing this work through an agency and the agency recruits translators, proofreaders and reviewers for it.

For this reason, the demand for translators holding English as well as in indigenous languages ​​has increased significantly and there are many good job options in this field. In the field of localization, salaries are also quite good as well as a better job. Becoming a translator or a previewer can be a better career option for those who wish to pursue a career in this creative field.

Sudhir Jha, a reviewer of long-running company Magnon Easy + in the field of localization, says that to create a career in the localization field, there should be at least two languages ​​(Source Language and Target Language). Source language is the one you have to make a translation. At the same time, Target Language means the language in which you translate.

In addition, he also said that translator has to translate the target audience with speed, accuracy and quality, keeping in mind the target audience. He said that the knowledge of indigenous languages ​​is also important not only for the knowledge of English-Hindi but also for localization. Knowledge of many languages ​​like Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Malayalam and Tamil can also be better for your career.

Ashutosh Tripathi, another language expert working in the field of localization, says that while selecting words, exact words have to be selected from the options of words and it is possible only when there is a good grip on language and subject matter. He said that it has to focus on grammar and vocabulary too. He said that there was a need to focus more on terminology of IT and marketing, and researching the use or use of the products for which the company is doing localization can be of great help.

At the same time, Dr. Birbal Jha, managing director of British Lingua, says that translation is a creative process and requires practice in order to be proficient in it. He said that under this you do not only use words but also paraphrase, and in such a situation then you have to face more problems when you do not know the idiom and tone of other languages.

If you want to be a career in the localization field, you also have the option to have full time and part time job. Freelance translation is a better option for those who want to work at home in this area, and in this you can earn a lot of time with a few hours in the day.


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