Maneka Gandhi, who got emotional after going to Sultanpur, said - husband and son fought here

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi
Union Minister Maneka Gandhi's old relationship with the people of Sultanpur. Upon reaching Sultanpur, Menaka Gandhi said that he had started his political career from here. From here, her husband Sanjay Gandhi and then Varun Gandhi won the election. Let me tell you this time that BJP has changed Maneka Gandhi's ticket and made him a candidate from Sultanpur. At present, Varun Gandhi is the MP from this seat.

Central Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi has a deep connection with the Sultanpur Lok Sabha seat from the Bhartiya Janta Party. Maneka Gandhi himself gave it information to Sultanpur. Maneka Gandhi's party workers, who arrived in Sultanpur for the first time on Saturday after being declared BJP candidate from this seat, strongly welcomed the party workers. He entered Sultanpur via Amethi and did road shows with party workers.

Let me tell you that the BJP has changed the seats of union minister Maneka Gandhi and her son Varun Gandhi this time. Varun Gandhi is MP from Uttar Pradesh's Sultanpur, but this time he has been given ticket from Pilibhit. On the other hand, MP from Pilibhit, Maneka Gandhi got ticket from Sultanpur parliamentary seat.

On Saturday, BJP leader Maneka Gandhi said that she is not old, but rather old Satta from Sultanpur. Earlier, her husband Sanjay Gandhi contested from here and later Varun Gandhi won the elections from Sultanpur Lok Sabha constituency. Her husband Sanjay Gandhi had an old love affair with Sultanpur-Amethi and he started his political life with his husband Sultanpur.

Union minister Maneka Gandhi became very emotional while addressing booth workers and party office bearers in Tikona Park, Sultanpur on Saturday. He said, "When I was a widow, my son Varun Gandhi was 100 days old. At that time I felt myself alone and left everything on God. Today, I am seeing the army of such heavy workers and with the enthusiasm in them, we will win the Lok Sabha elections. "

While addressing the Booth Workers' Conference held at Tikona Park, he said, "With your enthusiasm and passion we will win the Lok Sabha elections." You also need to know about your upcoming MP. Why did I win elections from Pilibhit seven times? Everyone knows that any person came to Maneka Gandhi for help, she did not return empty-handed. I love animals besides humans. '

Maneka Gandhi said, "I had sent my son Varun Gandhi to represent Sultanpur. Varun also did a lot for Sultanpur. He spent his every month's salary for the poor, which I could not do. "During this, Maneka Gandhi fervently admired Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that whatever PM Modi did in the country, he can not be forgotten. He provided toilet facilities for women, poor farmers for their financial assistance in the amount of Rs 6,000, Ayushman scheme and Ujjwala scheme in the general public.

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