‘Photograph’ review: too quiet for Perfect Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Photograph review
Photograph review

Film: Photograph

Artist: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Sanya Malhotra

Director: Ritesh Batra

In the year 2012, Ritesh Batra narrated the love story of two strange strangers born with letters through the movie Lunchbox. That was such a time when the age-old middle classes of the country were not very comfortable with the features of email and SMS. There was a similar concept in Rahul Bose's amazing movie "The Japanese Wife".

After 7 years when things like social media are becoming commonplace for a section of India, when every other person wants to open his channel on YouTube and add charming photos to Instagram and keep the dreams of becoming a mini celebrity, Riteish once again takes the audience back a few years in the turmoil. Photograph created by him directs you to stay a bit and find happiness in the little things of life.

Rafi (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) living in Uttar Pradesh is in debt. To improve its position, the people draw pictures of the Gateway of India. Just like a salesman, he makes breathtaking marketing of words to draw pictures of people, and on such a day he is struck by Mimony (Sanya Malhotra). He says -

"When you see these photos after years, you will see this sunlight on your face, in your hair, thousands of voices in this air and ears will be gone forever."

Middle Class Gujarati girl in Mimony, Mumbai. Very straightforward, a girl who keeps focusing in studies and is away from love. But hearing Rafi's dialogue, he gets frustrated. The photo gets tangled, but it can not pay. At the same time, Rafi's grandmother wants to see her grandson living. He has followed Rafi so much that he does not take medicines till the blackmail.

To stop her grandmother, Rafi says that she has got a girl in Mumbai. Daddy, excited from this, returns to Mumbai. Now in search of girl, Rafi searches for Mimony once again. How is the meeting of Mimony Rafi and what happens in the story, it has to go to the film.

Ritesh Batra has mastered writing real and relatable characters. They present themselves in a familiar way in the familiar style of meeting of two unmatched people. The speed of the film can make some people very impatient. Because the two main characters of the film are not seen in dramatic fashion even in the senses filled with emotional breezes. These characters do not have the problem of going too soon, reaching, distressing their minds, or the annoyance of existential questions.

These characters behave only within their class and within the scope. In this case, some people who have become accustomed to Bollywood's mainstream films may find that the movie is very slow. Some elements of the film are reminiscent of Sophia Coppola's film "Lost in Translation", which featured a mismatch between a non-wrapped and drama trip.

There are no songs in the film, but the retro evergreen songs of the 60-70s look like a character in the film. Specifically, "You have seen me" and "Nouri" songs have been used in the scenes that show the ability to direct Riteesh. Climax of Christopher Nolan's films is intriguing and obscure, but Ritesh creates suspicious situations in the climax of the film, with very simple subjects and less complicated characters that the audience has to depend on their perception instead of the director's writing. .

Although the film's writing might have been a little better. This film is slightly behind the intensity of the lunchbox and its level.

Right after Balasaheb Thackeray's role, Nawaz likes to look in this role. Nawazuddin Ritesh was also seen as a simple midclass person in the movie Lunchbox. That roll is included in the best role of his filmography. Although this character does not have the same charm as his previous mainstream rolls. But in debt, and ruffled with all its problems in all its heart, Rafi talks with some kind of dialogue and emotionless style.

Sanya starts to underwear in front of Nawaz. But as the film progresses, they become comfortable. If his roll was written a bit better then it could be Sanya's most memorable character. Vijay Raj falls in his small cameo At the same time, Nawaz's grandmother (Farooq Zafar), whenever she comes to the screen, makes an atmosphere with her dialogues. Nawaz's dialogue with his grandmother is excellent. Jim Sarb's cameo is also good in the film.

This is an essential movie for watching actress Navjuddin Siddiqui and shooting for Riteish Batra's Mumbai. If the realist wants to see a unique love story of Middle Class characters, then this film is for you. But if you like spice movies then you can go to watch this movie. Just a necessary condition would be to keep patience while watching the film.

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