PM Narendra Modi's biopic: Is Vivek Oberoi's film support to BJP?

PM Narendra Modi's biopic
PM Narendra Modi's biopic
Directed by Omang Kumar, Vivek Oberoi starrer film PM Narendra Modi has been in the limelight since the release of the trailer. Earlier, Javed Akhtar had expressed surprise at the name of the film as a litterist in his poster, and then the songwriter Sameer Anjan also wondered how his name was included in the credit line, while he did not work for the film. is. The film also faces allegations that it has the support of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). It is being said that the makers of the film are directly in touch with Modi. But is this really?

Sandeep Singh, the producer of the film, responded by answering all such questions from the INDIA TODAY specially. Sandeep talked about all the issues about the film, which people have doubts in the minds of the people.

Is the BJP supporting this film?

When Sandeep was asked if the Bharatiya Janata Party is supporting this film? In response, Omang Kumar said, "When I launched Marie Com (film) I did not get the support of Maharashtra CM, I had called a Sports Personality for the launch of the film. I created Sarabjit and his film Got respect. This movie is about such a big brand that I can not call anyone for respect, because I was compelled to think about who was the Chief Guest H? "

PM Narendra Modi's biopic: Lok Sabha election will be released immediately after voting of Phase

Sandeep said, "We had requested the Chief Minister of Maharashtra to launch the poster of the film and they did. We requested Amit Shah to launch the second poster, it took us a while to contact him, but things were right. Could not be because the Chief Minister of Goa had died. " Sandeep said, "They are my guests, not my supporters, I am not the one to support their party, I am not the only person to raise their vote because they have done such a good thing, today's voter knows that for the country Who is the right person. "

Did the makers contact Modi?

When Sandeep was asked if he was approached by Modi for the film, he said, "Everyone knows about the film, I am sure that even they know that they are making a film, if they If we want to watch the film, we will feel proud, she is busy at this time and I think she would like to do something for the country rather than ruining her for 2 hours.