Priyanka Gandhi may be the joint candidate of Narendra Modi from Varanasi.

copyrightPriyanka Gandhi may be the joint candidate of Narendra Modi from Varanasi.
Congress General Secretary and Eastern UP in-charge Priyanka Gandhi may have jokingly asked this question, "What will be the elections from Varanasi?", But its connotations are very intriguing. Political analysts and political people are beginning to find its implications and the speculations are being made. Priyanka can really contest from Varanasi, what will happen if this happens? In the political corridor, it is discussed that Priyanka Gandhi from Varanasi Grace and can become joint candidate Mahagtbndn.

Indeed, in the 2014 election, PM Narendra Modi got 5,81,122 votes from Varanasi seat. Whereas, Arvind Kejriwal, Ajay Rai of Congress and Vijay Prakash Jaiswal of BSP got 3,45,431 votes, i.e. the margin of PM Modi's victory was more than 2 lakhs. Congress feels that if Priyanka Gandhi becomes the sole candidate from the opposition from this seat, then she (Priyanka) could give a tough fight to PM Modi. In this seat, there is talk of Bhima Army Chandrasekhar Ravan coming to the election field.

According to information received from sources from INDIA TODAY, Priyanka Gandhi's information about contesting elections from Varanasi is deliberately being spread among the people. The main motto behind the Congress leadership is to strengthen its organization in the eastern region and give a message to the SP-BSP-RLD combine. If Priyanka falls in the field against Modi, then the message will go across the entire state that Congress is contesting against BJP and PM Modi. Now the ball is in the alignment of the coalition, that she stands behind Priyanka and tries to surround her PM Modi in Varanasi or makes the fight triangular.

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On the speculation about Priyanka Gandhi's arrival in Varanasi, Aaj Tak sees the reaction of the people of Varanasi. Local resident Rambabu Srivastava says that on coming from Varanasi in the election of Priyanka Gandhi, they will not get the love of the Kashi people, they will take another 5-10 years. As far as Chandrasekhar Ravan is concerned about contesting the elections from Varanasi, then he is the leader of Western UP, he does not even have the identity in Varanasi. Modiji has done so much work in Varanasi that Modi has settled in the hearts of children and children here. It does not matter now that any coalition or Bhim Army is coming in front of them. Modiji is not going to defeat anyone.

Anoop, living in Kashi, says that the birth of Congress from Benaras is a love of paradise, but everyone should be on endeavor. There is a different image of Modi ji and Priyanka Gandhi also has a different image. Priyanka Gandhi will continue her efforts even further. Smaller mistakes are made. Like they wore Shastri necklace. Then he also denied. Bhima is listening to Chandra Shekhar's name for the first time. All the parties have been claiming support to Bhima Army, but no one has announced the announcement yet.

Abdul Salam from Varanasi says that it is a good thing to fight Priyanka but it is difficult to defeat Modi. If Priyanka fights, then the collision will be a fight. The Congress which is at number three now, will come to the second. The sinking Congress will re-emerge again. When Kejriwal can be trusted, Priyanka Gandhi's name is so much. Love will get Priyanka to

Shivangi Yadav, who lives in Varanasi, says that the people of Banaras have been in the sheep wing of Modi, then Priyanka Gandhi will not be able to find the love of the Kashi people. People will win Modi only. Priyanka Gandhi has no choice. Bhima has not heard of Chandra Shekhar's name, he does not know. .

At the same time, the local resident Ravikant Tripathi said that Priyanka's arrival will be a little confrontational in Benares. Modi has done development, but it is cheating on the name of development. There is also pit on VIP Road. The wires are open. All work has happened on paper. Not on the road. Priyanka hopes to get love from Benaras. Priyanka is only a part of Modi's collision.


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