Randeep Hooda has read the lessons of driving in KnightShift in Australia

Randeep Hooda
Randeep Hooda
Randeep Hooda, who is seen in the film Sultan alongside Aishwarya Rai and Sarabjit and Salman, is known as an important character actor of Bollywood. They have often surprised people with their physical transformations in many films. However, when Hooda, who came from Haryana's Jat family, was relieved of the beauty of the movie, Randeep disclosed it in an interview.

Hooda said that my older sister and I were living in a hostel in Rohtak. I was not too serious about studies because I thought that after studying you can succeed in ordinary job but if you are active in other activities, then as an artist, you can give your career new heights of success. That's why I did not think much about doing good in studies, although I did not even think about becoming an actor. But seeing my sister in school play, I also felt that I can act. He won the Best Actress Award for play named West Side Story. Seeing his acting, there was a fire in me to become an actor.

He further said, 'After this I went to Australia to study. There, I used to do ordinary work as well as to study my expenses. Work like washing dishes, cleaning the car like that was common for me in that period. Then came a round that I started working on taxi in Australia. I used to drive a taxi in the night shift, and in the same period, I started examining people somewhere. People forget about such occasions that they are sitting in a taxi and are in their true form. Somewhere I can say that there was understanding about my acting in that period. After this I had worked with Naseeruddin Shah for a long time to improve my skills.