Texas woman beats the odds, gives birth to sextuplets 9 minutes delivery

copyrightTexas woman beats the odds, gives birth to sextuplets 9 minutes delivery
Texas woman beats the odds
Texas woman beats the odds
In Houston, Texas, a woman has given birth to six children together. According to the news agency language, there is only one case out of 4.7 billion people worldwide, when a woman gives birth to six children.

The woman gave birth to six children in America's 'The Women's Hospital of Texas'. The hospital said that Thelma Checka gave birth to four boys and two girls between 4 o'clock and 59 minutes in the morning from four o'clock in the morning on local time, Thelma is healthy.

According to the hospital statement, the weight of children ranges from 790 to 1.3 kg. Their condition is stable and they are kept in the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit. Thelma has named her daughters Jinnah and Juryal, they have not named their four sons yet.

When the woman gave birth to 7 children

Some time ago a similar case of a mother came to Iraq. Then the 25-year-old woman gave birth to only 6 daughters and one son. In a Diwali province of eastern Iraq, a woman gave birth to babies. The children's father Youssef Fadl said that he did not plan to raise the family and now have to take care of 10 children.

At the same time, it is believed that the birth of seven living children together in the world was for the first time in America's Lowa state. This is the point of 1997. In the US incident, children were born after coupling Fertility Treatment. When it came to light that the woman had become pregnant with 7 children, then she refused to give the abortion of some children and said that her life is now in God's hands.


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