The band of robots plays piano and drums. You also see

Barcelona's four-day Mobile World Congress has not only made the smartphones but also many different technology showcase. Meanwhile, Chinese tech company ZTE showcased Musician Robot. It was quite interesting and remained a center of attraction in MWC19.

Two robots play both pianos and drums. The industry robots have been designed by ZTE. The company has tried to tell through it how heavy machinery can be used with ultra fast network through 5G technology. Even robots can be used in the music industry.

Robots' music performance is connected to 5G and it works only on 5G networks. It has Real Time Control and this is a great sample of Man Machine Dance.

These robots can work as a band in a way. These robots accept people's greetings after the music is over. However, there were only robots of robots mounted. Let us know that this is not a product and it is not even sold. It has been shown by the company as an innovation that things can change from 5G.

In MWC19, ZTE also showcased the musical robots besides the body scanner, which scans you and prepares your replica. It's completely automatic. Wings are on a stand and you have to stand in front of it. It scans your body remotely in a few minutes.