The crazy son of 'PUBG' stole 50,000 from his father's account

The crazy son of 'PUBG' stole 50,000 from his father's account

Jalandhar - Pokgon Go, Blue Whale, POMG After Momo Challenge, this game has made many people crazy. The number of sportspersons is increasing day by day. A child in Punjab has stolen a stolen item number of 50,000 rupees from the bank account of Prabiji's bank account. This incident happened in Jalandhar. There is information about stolen money to get things related to playing PBJ.

Due to the deduction of Rs 50,000 from the bank account of the child's father, the complaint was lodged by the police. Money was stolen from their account. But they did not get any OTP and transmissions message on mobile. So they went to the Police Station, so that they lost their money. After the police handed over the matter to the cyber cell, the matter was upheld. The boy bought PBJ's literature from his friend's Petty Mistry. After the father's mobile OTP message was deleted. Information about the purchase of PUBG mobile screens and gaming accessories with the gaming pad for PBG has been reported from the money market and money has gone from the card. An English newspaper has reported this. The father has withdrawn the complaint from the police after his son stole the money.

In these cities of India, PUBG can be played on prison

The demand for ban on 'PUBG' online game was done a few days ago by a pinch. A letter written by Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Education Minister Vinod Tawde, will be sent to 11-year-old Mumbai student to ban PUBG. Ahad is the name of this student who wrote a letter of four pages to the state government. PUBG is causing bad effects on children's mind. Ahad also demanded a ban on the games as the boys were violent. Ahad's mother is Miriam Niaz's lawyer. If the government does not take the letter, we will file a petition in the high court. This game is dangerous for the youth, 'he said.

Currently, crazy crazes are being found around the world. Junkies in the world are literally crazy for this game. A few days ago, the habit of playing PB was similar to that of a young man in Jammu and Kashmir. After 10 consecutive working hours, information about the youth's mental balance was reported.

This game is Pokemon, Ludo King and Blue Whale, which is the best action game on the Internet. This game can be played on mobile, tabs, laptops. South Korean video game company has created this game under the Blue Hole Assistant. At least 1 to 4 members can participate in this game. It is played with the game group along with them. Playing the role of a soldier in this game, pushing the opponent party in different areas and trying to shoot him. Captures their literature. In this game, players playing games from different places live and interact with each other and guide each other. Since this game offers exciting prizes, this game has increased the appeal of people.