This person has recovered from FB and Google without any goods sold

copyrightThis person has recovered from FB and Google without any goods sold
One person has chosen more than 1 billion rupees from one person in the world, Google and Facebook. A Latvia man has cheated $ 122 million from Facebook and Google. According to a report by Boeing Boeing, a man named Livaviya, a man named Ewaldas, has received $ 23 million from Google and $ 99 million from Facebook.

According to the report, this person has falsified money from Facebook and Google. Now you call it negligence of Google or Facebook or a big mistake. These frauds have been done between 2013 and 2015, and both of these companies have purchased the goods without understanding any of the things that they have purchased.

This man from Latavia pretended to be Taiwan's hardware maker Quanta Computer and registered with the same name in Latvia. After this, it sent invitations to Google and Facebook inventory items that they had never sold.

According to the report, it was attached to the contract and letter along with fake invoice, which was the sign of officials of both the companies. In addition, he also attached fake emails, spoofed emails and sent by Google and Facebook officials.

Let Google and Facebook use the wire transfer to transfer money. Under this, both the companies did not check that these invoices are fake and there is no contract.

It does not end here. After taking crores of rupees from both the companies, the person has invested money in five countries, including Europe, Latvia, Lithoniaia, Cyprus, Slovakia and Hungry.

Later, when Google came to know about this fraud, then the company advised the authorities about it. Google said, 'We have found the fraud and have alerted the authorities immediately. We have recovered the fudged funds and we are happy that now it has been mater solved.

The man who was cheating more than 1 billion from Google and Facebook has now been found guilty under US Wire Fraud. Apart from this, there are charges for money laundering and identity theft. After this, agreed to return $ 50 million of the stolen total amount. It is reported that again on July 29 it will be presented in court, where it is expected that it can be 30 years in jail. However, it is not clear what has happened to the remaining 72 million dollars so far.


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