This smartphone with 18,000mAh battery, 7 day backup

This smartphone with 18,000mAh battery, 7 day backup
This smartphone with 18,000mAh battery, 7 day backup

Various unique gadgets were also introduced in Mobile World Congress. One of these is Energizer Power Max P18K Pop. This phone has an 18,000mAh battery. The phone is quite thick and its thickness is of 18mm. The smartphone kept for display was Dark Blue Kalk.

The screen of this phone is 6.2 inches and has a pop up camera. The bejals are low and not the Noch. In the pop up module for selfies, two cameras are given, not one. The advantage of the bigger battery is this. The company has claimed that it can use it once a week by charging it once.

The claim has also been made that if you watch videos consistently, it will last for 48 hours. This smartphone has 128GB internal memory with 6GB of RAM. It has a MediaTek processor and runs on Android 9 Pie. According to the company, it will take 8 hours for full charge. There is also fast charging support. The company has stated that if the charging was not given, then it may take more than 12 hours to charge.

At present, the company is preparing to launch this smartphone in the market. The company has said that it can be launched in the next two or three months. When asked about when will launch in the Indian market, the company said that we do not have any plans at present, but in the coming time, it can also be offered in the Indian market.

It is easy to use this phone, but this phone is quite heavy and thick. It seems you're using two or three smartphones together. Using one hand can be a bit tricky too. The user interface is similar to a common smartphone and the camera is descent.