US warns China formed to be a shield of terrorists: Terror

US warns China formed to be a shield of terrorists: Terror
US warns China formed to be a shield of terrorists: Terror
Neighboring country is once again with the terrorist Maulana Masood Azhar. In the meeting of the United Nations Security Committee, China made India vitiate its efforts by using its veto power. After that India has filed a strong objection. America has also come along with India. The UNSC on the US made a strong statement that if China continues to be such a hindrance, responsible countries will have to take any further steps.

In a statement issued by the US, it has been said that Pakistan has been protecting Masood Azhar from being proclaimed as Global Terrorist, sometimes by the help of China, with the help of Jaish-e-Mohammed. This is the fourth time that China has saved Masood Azhar from being declared a Global Terrorist in this way.

Using strict language, the US said that if the same way, China's Masood Azhar has been prevented from being declared a Global Terrorist, then other members of the Security Council will have to face a tough stance. But the situation should not come here too.

It is noteworthy that India's efforts to declare Masood Azhar, a tyrant of the Pulwama terror attack, as a global terrorist, found many of the world's major countries. US, France, and UK, the members of the United Nations Security Council, had proposed to declare Masood Azhar as a global terrorist. But once again China stopped using Veto Power.

After this move, India's Foreign Ministry also made a statement. India has been told that we are very disappointed with this move of China, but thanks to all those member countries who have offered support to India and supported them.

Let us know that Masood Azhar is very angry on the social media by the Chinese to stop being declared a Global Terrorist. People in India are trending #BoycottChina and are protesting against China's goods.