What is WhatsApp's App Browser? What are its advantages

A new feature is added in WhatsApp, the world's most popular instant messaging app. These are the app browsers. This feature is currently being tested, but this feature is very important for you. These apps are also a browser for safe browsing.

Many types of links are sent to your Whatsapp every day. The URLs of websites can be dangerous at times, which you can be victim of phishing by opening. Such dangerous links from these app browsers, given in Whatsapp, will also be detached so that you open them.

These app browsers will not look like you. Whenever you open a link on Whatsapp, you will see these app browsers. These types of apps also come in apps like Browsers Facebook. According to the report of WAbetainfo, you can not take screenshots nor record videos while using the given app browser. Why is it not currently known to anyone. It is possible that these updates will also change before coming to the public.

According to the report, the advantage of this feature is that if any link is not correct, then it will detect it under the Safe Browsing feature. Users will be advised that the links you are opening are not correct.

Privacy Preference People may not know that Whatsapp will also know about their browsing history. However this may not be so. Because the Android Apps for Whatsapp or Facebook In App Browser are used and it is difficult to access an app's browsing history.

According to the report, this feature will be supplied with some updates after some time and will be supported only in devices with Android 8 or above.