Women's Day 2019: 'Womanifesto' released before the Lok Sabha election, said- Girls get free sanitary napkin

Women's Day
Women's Day 

Women organizations on Wednesday issued 'Womanifesto' (Women Womanifesto), a women's manifesto, to ensure their participation in the decision-making positions in the bodies that are looking after ten million jobs for women in the next five years, in the process of peace and in matters related to environment. Other demands, including giving 33 percent of the tickets to women candidates. Prior to International Women's Day on March 8, the National Alliance of Women's Organization released 'Womanifesto' and requested all political parties to consider it in view of the Lok Sabha elections.
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Ranjana Kumari, director of the Center for Social Research, said, "National and regional parties need to give more tickets to increase women's participation so that they can influence the policies that reflect the overall development of women." The manifesto includes free sanitary access to girls in schools and other demands for free treatment of victims of rape and acid attack in all hospitals.

It has been stated in the manifesto that all houses should be registered in the name of husband and wife and marital rape should be brought under the purview of crime. At least 33 per cent of seats in the internal committees of all political parties should be reserved for women. Under the women centric budget provisions in the manifesto, a demand of 30 per cent for the development of women in the annual budget has also been sought.

Also, it has also been demanded that if the farmer can not pay the loan, then the loan should be waived. The demand for creation of one crore jobs during the next five years has also been made in the manifesto. In particular, demand for employment in the field of information and technology, health, education and consulting has been sought.