Xiaomi launches Mi-Pay, PetiM, launches in India

Xiaomi launches Mi-Pay
Xiaomi launches Mi-Pay

Xiaomi has launched Mi Pay in India. According to Xiaomi, after China, India is a country where it has been launched. This payment service is UPI based. If you have been using Google, then it is the same and in India it can compete with Google Pay. It is simple to use and, like Google Pay, lets you fetch these account details from your phone number.

As an offer, Mi Pay users can also win Redmi Note 7 and Mi TV. For this, you have to use the Mi Pay and you will need to install new update of MIUI to use MI Pay, which is being offered in India.

This app has a QR code option that can be scanned and paid. Money can be solved and requested from this. Its user interface is kept simple. It has been better integrated into the MIUI. According to the company, it works better with MIUI.

According to the company, it can be used through SMS. That is, if you have a smart phone of Xiaomi, then you can send it via SMS. The second example can be sent through a contact application.

It can also be used for utility bill pay. You can use it for mobile recharge or electricity bill. Mi Pay is not a standalone app, that is, you can not download it. It can be used only in Xiaomi's smartphone.