After retirement, Trump's sister got relief in this case

Trump's sister
Trump's sister
US President Donald Trump's sister Marin Trump Barry has retired as a federal appeals judge in Philadelphia. Simultaneously, the investigation of the civil misconduct case against them also ended. The investigation was initiated after the reports of participating in Trump Family's plans to avoid tax against them. Marin Trump Barry's retirement was exposed in an order signed by a top New York court official on April 1.

The New York Times published a news that states that the President and his siblings tried to avoid taxes. In response to the four civil complaints filed in October, a judicial panel started investigating the matter.

In the New York Times report last year, it was said that Trump's father, Fred, had transferred the ownership of most of his real estate to his four surviving children before he died in the late 1990s.

The Times Magazine reported that Trump's parents had transferred more than $ 1 billion for their children. It was stated that the transfer should have a tax bill of at least $ 550 million, but the children paid only $ 52.2 million.