Demolition of body trade racket in Delhi, help of woman commission

With the help of Women's Commission, expose racket of body trade
With the help of Women's Commission, expose racket of body trade

181 women helpline of Delhi Mahila Commission busted the flesh trade racket in a house in Aman Vihar, Delhi on Thursday. The team of the team detained 6-7 men and 3 girls in the house. An FIR has been registered in this case. Agent Gautam has been arrested.

Actually, the woman's call came to the call of an unknown man and he told that in the Aman Vihar area of ​​Delhi there is a body trade in a house equal to his house. While delaying the Women's Commission, on the basis of this phone, a team of Delhi Women's Commission sent it in the area on Thursday and talked to the locals. They confirmed that there is a body trade in that house during the day.

The team of the team closely monitored the house and saw that at around 10.30 in the morning, 4 girls came to that house. About 15 minutes after that, a girl left from there. After this people started coming home from scooters and motorcycles. They were allowed to enter the house only after talking to the phone. Bamboo mice were all around the house, which was difficult to see inside the house.

It is to be mentioned that when the owner of the house Gautam caught himself with a dyed hand, 4 boys were removed from the back door, but they were caught by the people living nearby. Before the team of the commission could talk to the girls, Gautam asked the girls not to say that they are being forced to do this work because they give money to them. He also tried to scuttle the case by talking to the Delhi Women's Commission.

After this the team of the team took all the people to Aman Vihar police station where the girls said that they were all adults and were doing business of their own choice. They told that they got Rs 250 from a customer, a woman told that she is orphaned, the other said that her husband is addicted to the addiction and assaulted him, he would do this work to nurture his family is. The third girl, who was in Assam, refused to say anything.

On the whole issue of the Delhi Women's Commission, Swati Maliwal said that "body trade is the worst form of slavery. Women and girls are being exploited commercially throughout the country. It is a matter of great shame that this abominable crime in the capital is happening on such a large scale. Although women said that they were involved in the body trade with themselves, but it is the truth that they are being exploited. No woman can sleep with 7 men in a heavy day

Maliwal said that I believe that these women would have been pushed to this work at one time, and now they are stuck in this because they have no other choice. He said that the Commission would counsel these women and help them get another honorable employment. Apart from this, the police should take strict action against the owner of the house and seal that house. ''