Firing on Jewish temple in California, one woman killed, 3 injured


In a Jewish temple in synagogue (synagogue) in California, a gunman launched an indiscriminate firing in which a woman died and three people were injured. Sen. Bill Gore, Sheriff of San Diego County said at a press conference, "During the firing, four people were injured, who were admitted to the Polymer Hospital. One injured in the hospital died and the condition of the other three is now stable.

Bill Gore told that the injured included a woman and two minor. The woman killed in the incident was very old. Gore told reporters that a 19-year-old boy from San Diego was arrested in the firing case. Investigating officers are investigating their social media account and an open letter issued online is under investigation.

Bill Gore told that the police received information about the firing incident in the synagogue at around 11:30 in the morning. The firing was made from an 'AR-15 type' rifle. In many US firing incidents 'AR-15' has been used. Gore told that a patrol officer present at the spot was fired on the suspect though the officer was not on duty at the time.

San Diego police chief David Nisleit told that the suspect was later caught by K-9 officials. US President Donald Trump has expressed deep condolences on the incident. He said, 'Now this hatred looks like a crime. I have deep feelings with the affected people and we will investigate this matter thoroughly. "

Sri Lanka from the blasts
The world is witnessing an increase in incidents of religious violence. Recently, the number of dead has increased to 321 in the serial bomb blasts that took place on the Sunday of Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka. At least 500 people have been injured in a total of 8 blasts. Islamic State took responsibility for these attacks. Meanwhile, mass cremation of people killed in the terror attack was performed.

Sri Lanka had declared a national mourning on Tuesday and during this time white flag flashed in Colombo. Islamic State's official news agency Al-Amak claimed that "suicide bombers were fighters of Islamic State."

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