India's fourth place in terms of liking GOT web series

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones
The 8th season of the Game of Thrones begins on April 14, 2019. Fans are eagerly waiting for the show. Curiosity about this is also because this is the last season of this popular web series. Whenever these web series is broadcast, it is seen on social media to see tremendous craze. In India, there are no lesser seekers of Game of Thrones. According to a recent data, the most liked game of thrones in Asia is in India.

According to Instagram's internal data, India's fourth place in the list of the Most Viewers of the Game of Thrones. It has been mentioned in the list of countries in which GOT is viewed the most. India is at number four in the five best nations of choice for GOT. The first place in this category is USA. The second place is Brazil. Third place is Great Britain and Germany is fifth place.

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Let me tell you that there is a lot of things on Instagram for Game of Thrones. People across the country talk about conspiracy theories, favorite characters and scenes. One more thing is to mention that GOT is most liked by India in Mumbai. After this, the capital is Delhi's most admired fan. After this, Bangalore is on the third place, fourth Hyderabad and fifth number is Chennai, where the show's popularity is the highest.

Also talk about GOT's most liked characters in India, first place is John Snow. The second place to be liked is Daenerys Targaryen. The third place is the Arya Starck. The fourth number is Sansa Starc and the fifth is Tieran Lennister, who is most liked.