Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Has the Opposition gave 'Walk Over' to Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

 In the Lok Sabha election (Indian General Election, 2019) Opposition parties from the Varanasi parliamentary constituency do not want to make a strong candidate against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate Prime Minister Narendra Modi, once again his victory has eased, in a way Modi Has given up over. Although SP and Congress both deny it, and they say that their candidates against Modi are strong. Congress has fielded its old candidate Ajay Rai against Modi, while Shalini Yadav is in the fray on SP's ticket from SP-BSP alliance. There was talk of contesting Priyanka Gandhi's election from the Congress at one time, but with the announcement of Ajay Rai's candidature, this discussion has been stopped. This is Ajay Rai, who has confiscated his bail against Modi in 2014.

He was in third place. After that, he was also in third place in Pindra constituency in Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. Congress, which has lost two consecutive elections, is also telling Congress a strong candidate. Congress State Spokesperson Umashankar Pandey says, "We are contesting with full force, our candidate Ajay Rai is a five-time legislator, he is born in Banaras' soil, he is the favorite candidate of the people. Modi has not done anything for the Banaras in five years, and the people will refuse them, the results will be shocking. The SP-BSP combine's candidate Shalini Yadav's family has an old relationship with the Congress. She is the daughter-in-law of late Congress leader and former Rajya Sabha Deputy Speaker Shyamlal Yadav. He got only 1.13 lakh votes in Mayor's election in Benaras, and he lost the election.

Narendra Modi went to Varanasi under a strategy in the 2014 election, and he also succeeded in his objective. Even this time their motive is old. It was believed that the Opposition would bring a shared and strong candidate to surround Modi. The delay in the announcement of opposition candidates from Varanasi was also strengthened. Priyanka's candidature was discussed. The eagerness of the people had increased. But with the announcement of the candidature of Shalini Yadav and then Ajay Rai, the anxiety of the people about Varanasi got frozen.

Senior political analyst Ratanmani Lal says, "There were some such seats, including Banaras, Lucknow, where the Congress and the SP-BSP had a strategy to take a strong face, but due to mutual differences, this could not be done on the day Home Minister Rajnath Singh On the same day, the SP-BSP and the Congress declared themselves as candidates, which was also seen in Benaras in the same day. Rtyashi is a big message oppresses. "

He said, "Arvind Kejriwal had come to fight against Modi in 2014. He may have lost the election but due to Kejriwal, election of Varanasi was a matter of discussion all over the world." According to another political analyst Premshankar Mishra, "SP-BSP coalition lacked strong face. Mukhtar Ansari had definitely given a tough fight against Murli Manohar Joshi in the 2009 elections, but this time the alliance might not take such a risk Priya wanted to contest the election of Priyanka, but the Congress did not spoil its trump card.

Was Hti. If Priyanka election Hartin then ends the politics of Gandhi family. " He said, "Yes, if the Congress had given strong candidate in Varanasi other than Ajay Rai, then the fight would have been interesting, and it could have an impact on the surrounding seats, but it could not happen." Varanasi will be held on May 19 under final phase, and counting on May 23.