Lok Sabha Elections: PM Narendra Modi's Lieutenant Shah Rukh Khan?

Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan

There is an atmosphere of Lok Sabha elections across the country. Bollywood artists are also appealing to vote for their countrymen in their own style. So far, many Bollywood stars have appealed to vote. Now Shahrukh Khan's name has been added to this list. Shahrukh Khan and Twitter have appealed to people to vote in elections. Shahrukh wrote, "The Prime Minister had asked for creativity, but I was late, but you do not delay voting. It is not only our right to vote but also our strength."

Shahrukh Khan has asked people to be aware about voting. Shahrukh shared a video of Youtube on Twitter. Shahrukh explained the importance of votes to people in a very fun fashion Seeing his video, he will have to say that Shahrukh Khan has done his best. Now how much people are affected by their efforts, this will be known later.

Let me tell you that last month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had invited all the celebrities including the film stars of the world to tweet, in the tweet, to inspire people to vote for more and more Lok Sabha elections. Now Shahrukh Khan has tweeted on the same appeal.

It will be known later that Shahrukh's videos and tweets will have an impact on the people, but fans are keenly watching Shahrukh's efforts in social media and expressing his reaction.