Sri Lanka Bomb Blast : Blasts in Sri Lanka continue, 158 deaths so far, read 10 big updates

Sri Lanka Bomb Blast
Sri Lanka Bomb Blast

Sri Lanka Bomb Blast :- 156 people have died in serial blasts in Sri Lanka's capital Colombo Sunday. Although more than 400 people are being reported as injured. Sri Lanka's Colombo city has 8 bombs including 3 churches and 3 hotels. The blast happened when the church prayer was going on in the church. During this time a large number of people were present for the prayer meeting. According to Sri Lankan reports, blasts on 6 places, including Batticola, Nagonbo, Church of Colombo and Hotel Shangri-La. In which 40 people in Colombo, 62 in Nogombab and 27 in Batticaloa died. However, no terrorist organization has taken responsibility for this attack.

- In Sri Lanka, the curfew will take place from 6 pm to 6 a.m.

- Social media was banned in social media. In which Facebook, WhatsAppSpace has been temporarily blocked.

There is a series of blasts in Sri Lanka, the eighth blast happened.

-The seven explosions in Sri Lanka, two deaths

- Among the dead are 35 foreigners

- A security officer from Sri Lanka said that the suicide bombing suspected by the suicide bombers was suspected.

- The Sri Lankan government announced the leave of schools for two days on Monday and Tuesday.

-The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka has convened an emergency meeting immediately.

- Sri Lankan President Maitripala Sirisena condoled the blasts and appealed peace to the people.

- The Indian High Commission issued helpline numbers in Kollamo Contact information at these numbers: +94777903082, +94112422788, +94112422789, +94777902082, +94772234176

After the blasts in Sri Lanka, Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj said that I am in constant contact with the Indian High Commissioner in Colombo.

- There was an explosion in St. Anthony Church, Negombo town's Sebastian church and the church of Batikeloa.

-The hotels have been targeted, including The Shangrielan, The Cinamon Grand and The Kigsbury.

- The first explosion occurred at 8:45 in the morning at the local time during the Easter prayer meeting in the church of Colombo. People injured in serial blasts were taken to the hospital.

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