These are the Top 5 songs of Hansraj Hans, the whole country does.

Hansraj Hans
Hansraj Hans

Who does not know the name of the famous Hansraj Hans for his heartening voice and Sufiyana songs? Hansraj's song 'These Jilli Sili Sili Aundiya Hawa' is also popular among the youth of today. Hansraj has done a lot of work in Punjabi films besides Bollywood. If you do not mention Hansraj's songs in Punjabi songs, then you are not aware of Hansraj's songs.

In the Lok Sabha elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party has given Hansraj Hans a ticket from the North West seat of Delhi. Among the discussions of Hansraj in the election riot, let us know some of his famous Punjabi songs.

In the 1992 album Vishakhi, the songs of Hansraj Hans songs were very popular among manga spectators. People loved this emotional song very much.

Hooksaj's voice won the hearts of people in the recent songs of Coke Studios Season 7. The most heard song of Hansraj's album, The Knight, has become heart stealing scada. The craze of this song is from children to old people. Many people like to start their party with this song. This album was released in the year 2004. Another song from this album, which is also very brilliant, the silky ciliary air. These songs of Hansraj gave them recognition not only to the Punjabi audience but also the people of the whole country.

In 1996, Hansraj's album Lal Garara Tital Song also received a great response. There are many songs like Zhanzar, Allah Hoo, Holi Holi, Nach Kunde, Ek Kudi, Jogis, The Kana Vich, which people are very much liked. Hansraj's songs show deep quote.

In Singing, Hansraj has touched the bulwarks, now whether his coin gets accumulated in politics or not, it will tell time only. The voters of Delhi's North-West seat will decide to reach their parliament.