Spider-Man: Far from Home
Spider-Man: Far from Home

Next July 5 will be released in Spain Spider-Man: Far from Home, is the film that will end the Marvel phase 3, giving rise to whatever comes after part of Marvel Studios.

In that film, Peter Parker embarks on a trip to Europe trying to disconnect from the events of Endgame ... And he does not get it too well, because of Nick Fury. However, that does not prevent him from continuing to strive to strengthen ties with his friends, maintaining a fine balance between the hero and the teenager who lives inside the red and blue suit.

In a new promo launched through social networks, we eat a SPOILERS (if you do not want to know, stop reading - although we do not even know why you enter this news if it is the case-).

As you can see in the video on these lines, it seems that they did not try too hard to hide one of the turning points of the film, that MJ discovers the secret identity of Peter Parker as Spider-Man, becoming the 2nd friend of Peter who He knows his secret and his powers - the first is Ned.

This turn had already been glimpsed in the last trailer of Spider-Man: Far from Home, but we did not expect this. However, it is possible that everything is a Marvel movie, and the film develops in a different way. Although to discover it will be time to wait even more than a month.

Of course, it remains to be seen how MJ discovers Peter's secret identity. Do you think our hero will tell him, or will the young woman discover it? You can leave your opinion in the comments system under these same lines.

Another very different matter is that of Mysterio. What hides this character that in comics has usually been on the side of the bad guys?

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