Abortion Banning Bill Pass In Alabama

copyrightAbortion Banning Bill Pass In Alabama
A bill that bans abortion in the US province of Alabama
A bill that bans abortion in the US province of Alabama

The US Senate of Alabama, Alabama, passed a bill banning abortion. According to the bill, abortion practitioners can be sentenced to 99 years in prison.

According to CNN's report, the Republican supporters of the province carried this bill, which almost entirely prohibits abortion in the province.

In more than four hours, the Republican-led Senate passed 'HB 314' to 25-6, after which abortion practitioners could be jailed for up to 99 years.

Alabama House passed the bill earlier this month.

The Bill has allowed exemptions in some cases, such as if there is a serious danger to the unborn child's mother's health and if there is a life-threatening illness to the unborn baby.

Democrat leaders presented a revised bill to give the girls a chance to commit rape and family violence, but it was rejected by 11-21 votes.

The Republican governor's Ivy has six days to sign on this bill, although the bill will not be effective for six months unless it changes in law.

Eyewe has not publicly responded to this, although in the past she has already presented herself as an anti-abortion.

Ivy spokesman Lori Jones said in a statement: "As the bill is still in the legal process, the governor does not want to comment on it until it reaches them on their desk for a signature."


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