Until the end. The Avengers themselves already said it when they were preparing for the last battle in Avengers: Endgame. The fact is that this end, at least at the record level, could be closer than we thought.

If last weekend already managed to surpass Titanic, as the second highest grossing film in history, this weekend is on track to achieve the same, but this time beating the untouchable Avatar. Of course, only at the national level, in the United States.

On the other hand, it is the fourth week in which Endgame faces other films at the box office. And it is also the first time that it could be overcome by someone. While Detective Pikachu did not achieve that goal, he would now get the "good" from John Wick thanks to Chapter 3.

And is that the experts talk about forecasts that put the collection of this weekend at 45-55 million dollars for John Wick, which would exceed Endgame. However, the latter would manage to finish on Sunday with almost 30 million dollars more in revenue.

However, those almost 30 million dollars collected would be, precisely, those that would allow the Russo brothers film to surpass Avatar in the United States. Something that would be achieved thanks to the accumulation of 771.1 million dollars, compared to 760.6 of Avatar. Figure that, by the way, maintains since 2010.

Anyway, remember that, if we look only and exclusively at the North American market, Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force will continue to be the number one nationally: with a whopping 936.6 million dollars raised since 2015. And That, yes it will be a complicated record to beat.