Hollywood actress gets hanged in bribery scandal, gets 20 years of jail and crores of fine

Actress Felicity Huffman falsely conflicts in college admissions
Actress Felicity Huffman falsely conflicts in college admissions

New York:
Freshness is the name of American actress Felicity Huffman in the bribery scandal of rich parents wishing to enroll their children in colleges in the US. The actress has confessed to the crime of bribing a daughter to enroll her daughter in a prestigious university.

In the college bribery scandal, names of many wealthy American parents have come up with the former Desperate Housewives' actress.

Huffman confessed his crime by filling his eyes in front of Federal Judge Indira Talwani in Boston. He also agreed to give $ 15,000 (more than 10 lakh 50 thousand) to increase his number in the entrance examination of SAT College for the sake of his daughter's admission.

There is a provision of 20 years' imprisonment for a crime and a fine of $ 250,000. However, Huffman is now likely to get a penalty from the penalty due to the confession.

About 50 people have been charged in the admission process. CEOs and key law firms have admitted their crimes till now, including 10 associates. These include five guardians also.

Officials said William "Rick" Singer, who was mastermind in the matter to pay bribe to teachers and university officials, was paid $ 2.5 million. He has also accepted his offense and is supporting officials in the investigation.