Israeli air strikes, 16 Palestinians die, fiercely attacking rocket attack from Gaza

copyrightIsraeli air strikes, 16 Palestinians die, fiercely attacking rocket attack from Gaza
Israeli air strikes
Israeli air strikes

Gaza City: In response to rockets blown up by Gaza on Sunday, Israel repeatedly carried out air strikes while retaliating. At the same time, the tension between the two sides has become very high. According to Gaza officials, 16 Palestinian civilians, including at least six extremists, were killed in Israeli attacks due to increased tension from Saturday. At the same time, Israel has incorrectly reported Gaza's report of the death of a child and her pregnant mother.

3 civilians killed in Gaza attack

The army said that on Sunday three people were killed in rocket and missile attacks fired by Gaza in southern Israel. Two of these were confirmed as Israeli citizens. Several buildings in Gaza City were destroyed in the attack Israeli police and hospital said that a 58-year-old Israeli man died in a rocket attack in Ashkelon city near Gaza border. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he has instructed the army to continue the attack on the terrorist elements in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli army targets 200 militant hideouts
He said that he has ordered to send tanks, guns and soldiers to strengthen the already deployed troops near Gaza. This latest clash has happened with Hamas who ruled the Gaza Strip, which is seeking some more exemption from Israel under the ceasefire. Israel said that about 430 rockets have been fired from the Palestinian border area since Saturday and its air defense forces destroyed many on the way. The Israeli army said that its tanks and aircraft targeted 200 militant hideouts.

2 multi-storey buildings in Gaza City destroyed
Military spokesman Jonathan Conrycus said that in these bases, a tunnel was also involved, from where the extremists used to carry out attacks. 2 multi-storey buildings in Gaza City have been destroyed Israel claimed that Hamas had a military intelligence and security office in one of these buildings and in other buildings there were offices of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. At the same time Turkey has said that an official office of his official dialogue committee Anadolu was located in that building. He also condemned the attack.

President of Turkey fiercely over Israel's action
The health ministry of Gaza said that two Palestinians were killed along with 14 pregnant mothers and 14 pregnant women while 40 people were injured in the attack. President Rajab Tayyab Erdouan tweeted: "We strongly condemn the Israeli invasion of Anadolu Agency office in Gaza." Erdogan is a supporter of the Palestinian issue. Foreign Minister Mewalat Kavusoglu said that these attacks against civilians were "crimes against humanity." Between the continuation of the firing, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed with the security chiefs.

US said, support for Israel's counter-response
Hamas's ally, Islamic Jihadi took responsibility for some rocket firing in a statement and said that he and the rockets were ready to burn. The officials of Egypt and the United Nations are discussing how to calm the situation, while the European Union has asked Gaza to stop burning rocket immediately. The United States condemned rocket attacks on Gaza extremists on Israel and said that he fully supports 'his rights for self defense against these disastrous attacks'.


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