In a new interview director James Gunn has decided to open up about what happened after his dismissal because of messages on Twitter and subsequent hiring at Disney.

At all times Gunn takes the blame for what happened and says not to hold any kind of grudge to Disney or Marvel for what happened. He also assures that he was sure he had lost any chance of working for Galaxy Guardians until Alan Horn, president of Walt Disney Studios, decided to hire him again last March. Between his dismissal and his return, Warner Bros. took over to direct a new Suicide Squad for DC.

"I was going to sit down and talk about Suicide Squad with DC and I was very excited about it, Alan called me to go talk to him, I really think he is a good man and I think he hired me again because he thinks it was the right decision. "said Gunn. "I've always been attracted to find that kindness in places where you do not expect it, sometimes in characters from my movies, I was close to crying in his office, so I went to tell Kevin Feige that he had decided to do Suicide Squad, which He got a little nervous. "

In the end the director finished with the two projects, taking priority Suicide Squad to eventually start working on the third part of Guardians of the Galaxy.

"I do not blame anyone, I felt and sometimes feel bad for the way I speak publicly, some of the jokes I made, some of the goals of my humor, just the involuntary consequences of what I was publishing. there are people who have felt hurt by things they say and that is my responsibility, not having been empathic with what they said, I am being bad for that and I assume all the responsibility, Disney had every right to fire me. a problem of freedom of expression, I said something that they did not like, and they had every right to say goodbye, there was never any discussion about that. "

The director had just talked about the film and counting that the third part will close the argument arc of Rocket, a character with whom he feels identified. He also clarified that he feels a true appreciation for Groot.