Maruti Suzuki, under pressure from sales for the last three months, know what the company has said.

Maruti Suzuki
Maruti Suzuki

In April 2019, the company saw a major drop of 19.6% compared to April last year.
The catch of Maruti Suzuki remains strong in the Indian market and Maruti Suzuki has more than half of the country's car market. After a long time, there has been a significant decline in the sales of Maruti Suzuki cars, which has come to light from the beginning of 2019. While the company's cars were selling less than earlier this year, the company saw a major drop of 19.6% in April 2019 compared to April last year. Maruti Suzuki sold 1,33,704 units of vehicle in April, which stood at 1,64,978 in April 2018.

Sales of Maruti Suzuki cars have come down to the announcement of declines when the company has recorded a slight increase in sales for the last 3 months. In January 2019, the increase was 1.1% with sale of 1,42,150 units, which was 1,40,600 units in January last year. In February this year, the company reported a decline of 0.2% to 1,36,648 units, compared to 1,36,912 units in the same month last year. Maruti Suzuki declined 1.5% in March 2019, and the company sold 1,45,031 vehicles in March 2019 compared to 1,47,170 units sold in March last year.

The decline in sales of the entry-level vehicles of the company has been seen in the last quarter, but Maruti Suzuki's compact and utility vehicles have been sold in the right quantity. In the last few months of Maruti Suzuki, low-selling cars include WagonR, Alto's 10, Swift, Desire, Celerio, Ignis and Baleno, apart from that, sales of cars in the same period include Vitara Braja, Artiga and S-Cross. Are. Explain that, according to the announcement of the previous results, Maruti Suzuki has described the huge competition in the market as the reason for declining sales.

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