Pakistani boat found in Kutch in Gujarat, BSF launches search operation

Pakistani boat found in Kutch in Gujarat
Pakistani boat found in Kutch in Gujarat

A Pakistani boat was found on the Kutch border of Gujarat. After this the BSF has started the search operation. It is being told that the boat is found in unclaimed condition in the circular area around Kutch.

Explain, intelligence agencies had issued an alert about the arrival of militants by sea some days back. Since then, BSF and Indian Coast Guard, deployed in the security of the border, are paying much attention to the guarding of the sea. Meanwhile, getting a Pakistani boat has halted.

BSF has tried to find out by running a search operation in the surrounding areas that no one came from this boat. Currently the search operation is in progress.

On the other hand, even in the town of Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir, the Pakistan has violated the siegefire. Firing from Pakistani security forces without any provocation was done at four o'clock Friday evening. Meanwhile, Pakistani security forces fired small arms. After this, Indian security forces also responded to this firing.